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Buyer's Inspection

This inspection will cover most visible and readily accessible areas of a residential property. We will thoroughly investigate each component on our checklist to determine where the home’s strengths and potential deficiencies lie.


11 Month Inspection

Builder's warranties for new homes generally expire at one year. Protect your greatest investment with our thorough 11 month inspection. We will thoroughly inspect your home from top to bottom and inform you of any defects that might be covered under your warranty.


Pre-Listing Inspection

If you are trying to sell a home, you will want to schedule this inspection to help the process move along more smoothly. Before you make your listing, we will evaluate the readily accessible areas of the property, informing you of any defective components we discover.



If we determined that a home component was defective during our original inspection, you’ll want to be sure to schedule a Re-Inspection once the seller of the home has contacted you to confirm that repairs have been completed.


New Construction Inspection

This inspection should be scheduled before the builder performs the final walk through of your new home. We will arrive to the property to perform a full evaluation, checking to see if any defects are present in the home’s structure or installed mechanical systems.


Radon Testing

For residents of the Rocky Mountain West, it is a good idea to check your home for radon, a radioactive gas that is known to cause lung cancer. We can easily test for and mitigate radon that might have become trapped in your home.

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